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Mickie L. Tracy is a self-taught artist, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut , she moved with her family to Southern California when she was a small child.  Mickie Started drawing as soon as she was able to hold a crayon.  As long as she can remember she has been creative.  Years of artistic expression made it clear that Mickie's life would be centered around  her passion for creativity.  She has always known that she wanted to do something in the art world.  However, that was put on the backburner for several years when she went on to became a Licensed Private Investigator and while raising her Daughter and two sons. She never let her creative juices stop flowing, every chance she got she would be doing something creative either painting, crafting, writing poetry or short stories. 

Mickie did not enter the art world  professionally until  the death of her youngest son, Scott.  She retired  from the PI world, packed her bags, moved to Arizona with her husband and picked up her brushes mainly as therapy and  she has not put them down  yet.  After watching the beautiful sunsets night after night she started painting them moving onto incorporating western scenes with the sunsets as backgrounds. 

She starting accepting  requests from clients over ten years ago (see online Gallery) and over the years she has completed several commissioned pieces and her works of art can be found in homes and businesses coast to coast.

Mickie was named Artist of the Month in Gold Canyon, Arizona in October, 2002.  Her art work was featured in the Gold Canyon Ledger and put on display for the month.  Another note about the Artist is that she also is a published poet and was nominated for poet of the year 2007 by  the International Library of Poetry.  She was awarded the Editor's Choice Award in June, 2008 for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.  Mickie's poetry can be read at Poetry.Com .  She also did the illustrations in her husbands book of poetry "Superfluous
Odes of the West" by Donald D. Tracy, which can also be purchased on this web-site (see Services page).

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