Mickie L. Tracy - Original Painter of Shadow Paintings

Mickie L. Tracy has been painting for well over forty years that is when she started calling her form of art "Shadow Painting".                                                                                                                
Mickie can create the perfect piece of art on canvas or anything you would like for that matter or for any purpose.  Whether it be for home decor or business it will be created with perfection.  She specializes in Western Art, which is really her passion, although she has created many works of art outside of this gauntry.

Her favorite medium is Acrylic's however, if requested she can be creative in other mediums such as;  oils, charcoal,  watercolors, or pencils.  You choose it, she will create it!

All of Mickie's artwork is original and no two paintings are ever duplicated.  At the request of her clients, over the past few years she has been making some of her pieces available in print (see online gallery for availability).  Also by making some of her artwork available in print she has been able to expand her client base and more people are
getting to enjoy her wonderful works of art.  However, let it be known that Commissioned works of art will never be available in print.

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